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CSLA 4 MVVM Video Series

CSLA 4 MVVM video series

This video series demonstrates how to build Silverlight and WPF applications using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern with CSLA 4. It also makes use of the Bxf project as a simple MVVM UI framework.

The videos start with an overview of MVVM and how it relates to CSLA .NET, followed by a walkthrough of the basic MVVM implementation provided by Bxf, including showing views, status and error information, as well as connecting views and viewmodels together for display in a way that is compatible with the “Cider” designer in Visual Studio 2010.

From there, the videos dive into specifics around implementation of CSLA 4 business objects (the model), and using the Csla.Xaml ViewModelBase<T> and ViewModel<T> types to help create powerful viewmodel objects. Topics covered include editing a simple editable root object, editing a BusinessListBase collection in a datagrid and displaying a list of business objects where each object in the list is wrapped in its own viewmodel to enable per-row commend processing.

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Title Links Run time Date updated Description
CSLA and MVVM Introduction
Download video 45 minutes 6/2/2010 This free video provides an overview of MVVM and the basic concepts and philosophy behind how CSLA 4 supports the MVVM design pattern in Silverlight and WPF.
Connecting Views and ViewModels Download video
Download sample code
30 minutes 7/11/2010 This video walks through a sample project, showing how you can use the Bxf project to show view, status and error information. More importantly, you will learn how to connect a viewmodel to a view while supporting the Visual Studio 2010 XAML designer ("Cider") drag-and-drop data binding features.
Basic Data Edit Scenario Download video 42 minutes 7/14/2010 This video dives deeper into one aspect of the sample project from the previous video, exploring in detail the EmployeeEdit business object, viewmodel and view. In this video you will learn how these three objects interact, so the business rules encapsulated in the business object are exposed through the viewmodel and view to the end user, and how the Csla.Xaml viewmodel types help create a simple viewmodel for an editable root business object.
Editable root list in DataGrid Download video
Download sample code
30 minutes 7/23/2010 This video demonstrates how to construct an editable root list of child objects using BusinessListBase, and how to construct a viewmodel and view that allows the user to view and edit the information in a Silverlight DataGrid control. The sample application has also been enhanced to use a mock in-memory database, so this video briefly walks through how that mock database is constructed and used.
Deeper dive into collections Download video
Download sample code
38 minutes 7/30/2010 This video takes a deeper dive into working with collections. It builds on the previous video by adding Remove and Add item buttons to the datagrid example. From there it moves on to cover the creation of child viewmodel objects: how they are constructed and how to use them when creating a view.
CSLA .NET 3.8 and Visual Studio 2008 Download video
Download sample code
17 minutes 7/31/10 This video demonstrates how many of the concepts and implementation details from the previous videos can be applied to CSLA .NET 3.8.4 in Visual Studio 2008.