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Demo build instructions

Before building the demo projects, you need to build both CSLA .NET for Silverlight and CSLA .NET for Windows. The original demos use version 3.6.3, the updated demos use version 3.7.1.

When you build CSLA .NET for Windows, you will have a Csla.dll in …\cslacs\bin\debug\Csla.dll

When you build CSLA .NET for Silverlight, you will have a Csla.dll in …\ClientBin\Csla.dll

As I discuss in the first video, Silverlight projects can only reference Silverlight assemblies. So the Silverlight projects in the demos must reference the Silverlight Csla.dll, and the .NET projects must reference the .NET Csla.dll.

The easiest thing to do is to make sure your folder structure matches mine. Then the assembly references will just work, and you won’t need to re-reference everything.

My folder structure is like this:

C:\Visual Studio Projects\csla\Source\cslacs\…
C:\Visual Studio Projects\csla\Source\cslalight\…

C:\Visual Studio Projects\csla\CslaClass\CslaLight\Demo001\…
C:\Visual Studio Projects\csla\CslaClass\CslaLight\Demo002\…

The part that really matters, is that everything starts at a \csla\ folder and is the same below that point. If you match this structure, and build both versions of CSLA .NET, then the demos should build without you having to worry about the references.